The SugarCRM portal

IconSugarCRM-familiar functionality without being actually logged in on a Sugar platform or a WordPress website
Icon- All information is automatically updated within SugarCRM, eliminating further manual processing and database access

Icon- This portal can offer support capabilities, thus reducing call volume
Icon- Your partners can easily import their leads into your SugarCRM application, without actual access to it; once submitted, these new leads can be managed by configuring SugarCRM

Icon- Easily search for leads, cases, notes or bugs
Icon- Decrease operating costs for your company while improving the experience for your contacts

Using the portal

When first opening the link to the portal, you will see a log in page similar to the one in SugarCRM. The username and password will be provided to you by one of the contacts of the company hosting the portal. As an additional option, the user can select the interface language.

Once logged in, the user interface will show either the leads or cases tab by default, depending on previous configuration.

Portal interface

Based on access level provided in SugarCRM, the portal user can access different modules as Leads, Bugs, Cases or any other SugarCRM module.

Access level settings in SugarCRM

The user can search through all the items under a certain tab. One can report a new bug or create a new case.

Module tabs

The bug tracker section allows users to record any faulty behavior in order for the hosting company to be able to fix them.
Each logged user has access only to bugs reported by him or her.
If one user wishes to record a new bug, there is an option to “Report bug”. This is where one enters all relevant information about the bug found.

Report bug in SugarCRM portal

The mandatory fields are number and subject, although a description is strongly encouraged.

The cases section deals with submitted support related issues, like requests or questions from the user towards the company running the portal. The “Create case” view can be customized according to each company, like an insurance company, an NGO, an educational institution etc.

Cases tab in SugarCRM portal

For each case, a user can write a note, leave an attachment or create a bug related to that case. You can keep track of cases submitted in order to see if they have been rectified for you or not.

There is also the possibility to show an independent tab with the Notes module.

Notes tab in SugarCRM portal

Furthermore, a Leads tab can be implemented, where the user can create a lead for the hosting company or review existing leads.

Leads tab in SugarCRM portal

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