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If your company wants to give contacts the chance to get involved and have a sense of control, the best solution is to integrate a portal for them to use. Such a module will provide them self-service capabilities and after login, contacts can edit their leads,Icon leave notes and manage cases and bugs online.

This portal is a flexible and modern one, fairly simple and highly customizable depending on your company’s needs. It is perfect for Icon support, lead generation and other purposes. It integrates well with SugarCRM. In short, looks and feels like SugarCRM, without being a CRM platform.

The SugarCRM Portal…

If your company uses a CRM platform to manage communications with its customers, data usually flows one-way: a company Icon representative updates the CRM instance with the customer’s information.
Icon But a successful communication involves two parties. So what happens if the customer were to access the platform, but without actually seeing the whole of it? What would result is an intermediary access point, which is online on the web and Icon connected to the SugarCRM instance at the same time.
Icon Portals are created for existing SugarCRM users and are used by their customers (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities) for specific purposes, like purchasing products, enrolling for courses, updating contact information and so on.

The Portal is first and foremost a time-saver. The client can update and sync with SugarCRM in an instant, without Icon leaving his office. All documentation is handled virtually and no more time is lost with paperwork and transportation.

The Portal for WordPress…
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