About us

Established in 2000, Danmar Computers focused mainly on business software development. Being a small company size, it centered on providing high satisfaction to clients at high levels. The main areas of interest were ERP systems in which Danmar developed its own ERP system based on mysql database that was successfully implemented on big companies.

Driven by customer requests, we started developing and implementing CRM solutions since 2005 and developed over 200 modules for clients all over the world to help them improve and enhance their existing business.

Businessman holding social networkHaving a long-term experience in business projects, we aimed at the best of results and successfully helped our clients to improve and optimize most of their business processes/transactions. We focus mainly on how to improve the response time of a process, how to lower the costs of that process while increasing the usability of any software/process and raising the satisfaction levels of the users.

In order to achieve this standards we used opensource software like Elasitx,FreePBX,Asterisk or “commercial open source software”, together with commercial software like vb,c++ or vfp to raise our clients satisfaction levels and get the users happy.

On the other hand, we also know the undesirable consequences of the reverse story when the services are not delivered on time, when the quality of services is not the expected one, and also the more technical problems that happen, for example when the application does not work and that keeps you from being able to access the necessary information and from communicating with your clients and suppliers.

That’s why Danmar Computers used its almost 12 years of experience in the development of software, more than 7 for ERP software , and over 7 years for CRM software to help companies improve their processes, reporting or database management, while delivering our services on time and at a high level of quality.

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